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The Osogbo 1840

The Osogbo war of 1840 still ring bells to all of us the Southwest Youth and if the universe may have it, we shall fight back collect back to us the illorin kwara state.
Kwara state is a Yoruba land, but due to negligence and non chalet attitude of our people, The Yorubas are tired seeing fulanis dominating our land, this is the fact that remain and which is why they Fulanis pushed for Osogbo war in 1840, they wished to lengthen their rule deep into the coronary heart of Yoruba land. 

Thus in 1840, they set to seize Osogbo, a Yoruba town. The Fulanis, underneath the command of Ali, the Hausa Balogun of Ilorin, laid siege on Osogbo.

When the king of Osogbo realized that the Ilorins have been too robust for the Osogbo army, he summoned the Ibadans for help,Ibadan straight away despatched some auxiliaries to Osogbo beneath the command of Obele alias Mobitan, and Alade Abimpagun.

The law has made it clear, we can not continue to harbor people in our community, whereby they stand dangerously to our farmland, to our people by penetrating and kidnapping our people.

You cant leave among us if you're not going to adhere to our law, and rules of engagement, we Yorubas can't go to bed knowing fully well that there is fire on the mountain , we are not going to follow weak nigeria constitution, we are only working with the constitution of Yoruba land which allow Fulanis to leave among us peacefully, anything aside this is non negotiable.

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