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❌THIS IS FRIGHTENING.: Part Of COVID You Wont Hear On The News.

Lagos is now in big trouble. The spike in covid 19 cases is overwhelming the system. The B blocks closed in LUTH after the first wave has been reopened and already full.

Government is no more sponsoring treatments, It is you and your family.

Oxygen is in short supply. Provision of oxygen to the patients is critical to staying alive. Yesterday all non-emergencies in LUTH has been suspended and all resources are geared to covid19 care

The admission deposit for LUTH is 100k

Reddington =10million


Other places 2million-4million

Cost of treatment 300k/ day.

Lagos State Hospitals+IDH deposit - Free but your family will buy everything. Oxygen is being pushed to the black market. To refill your cylinder cost 20k/ cylinder, but the black market now sells for 50  to 100k depending on availability and desperation. 

A patient requires 8 to 16 cylinders/day. So multiply 20k or 50k times 8 to 16 cylinders/day ie approx 200 to 500k/ day. 

Why maintain oxygenation in inflamed lungs you require 6litres of oxygen per minute.

This does not include Remdesivir, ivermectin, etc. The Source of funding is family and friends. 

Being admitted to IDH means if you run out of funds you perish.

So wearing a face mask + shield + distancing + hand hygiene should be non-negotiable for you.

However, contracting the virus is not only more physically discomfiting. It could bankrupt you and your family.

The key is to educate your wife and children. They are the weak link. Train them to create a family bubble.

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